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The Enigmatic Domain [Android]

A dynamic RPG experience with a directed narrative as well as numerous side quests awaits players.

Playable Characters:
"The Enigmatic Domain" offers players the choice to navigate the story as a futanari or lesbian woman, each with their unique perspective on the unfolding events. Alternatively, there is a male protagonist option, which introduces a slightly altered beginning to the game.

In the role of Aoki, the female protagonist, players find themselves transported to an unfamiliar realm. Conversely, playing as Akihiro, the male protagonist, begins with regaining consciousness from a state of coma. Regardless of the chosen path, the journey involves the pursuit of divine abilities that can only be accessed by establishing romantic connections with ten different women. These potential partners can be encountered through a variety of life events happening within the game world.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.35)
– Changed Look of Male MC (Now more masculine)
– Fixed Futa dick discolor (Happened due to webm export)
– Fixed Harumi note calling Male MC, Aoki
– Added running minigame
– Continued story of Paige, Harumi, Alina, Madoka, ???, College Receptionist (Lisa)
– Added Music to prologue caves and other map areas
– More outfits added (normal and patreon exclusive)
– Added 1 dream scene
Rating: 4.2/10
67 votes
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