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The Beautiful Game [Android]

Ch. 1 v0.5
In the video game, you embark on the journey of Zach, a newcomer to the professional world with a just-acquired degree. He was raised in a quaint, close-knit community and led a life largely insulated from the wider world. He’s poised to transition to the bustling urban expanse known as Ocean City to start his inaugural career position. At first, he will be staying with a family acquaintance who has carved out a successful career in business, using this as a temporary base before he finds his own residence.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 1 v0.5)
– over 6,000 lines of code
– over 1,200 renders
– 3 animations
– the story continues from where it left off through to Friday evening.
– re-wrote some of the beginning interactions with Penny and Ivy to flesh out the story more regarding MC’s appointment to a sport science role at OCFC, taking on board useful feedback from F95 users (thank you to all).
– completed the biographies screens for main and side characters.
– added functionality that allows you to re-choose your name and your fetishes near the beginning of the new content. While this means that people playing through from the beginning will see these features twice, I hope you understand that many people will want to jump straight in so I need this functionality while the game is in active development i.e. when old save games will not always be compatible. I will try to come up with a better solution to this moving forward but this seemed a reasonable quick-fix at the time.
– three save game files included to allow players to start off (near) where they finished.
Rating: 7.4/10
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