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The Arson Betrayal [Android]

'The Arson Betrayal' immerses you into the role of Leo Somerfort—or a protagonist named by you—armed with nothing more than a modest apartment in Ablesmith City and just enough funds to make ends meet for a short time. You've taken on work at a café, striving to accumulate enough savings to pursue higher education. However, an unforeseen encounter thrusts you into the heart of a dark plot teeming with deceit, treachery, and violence.

"A moment will arise when an individual, enlightened by the truth, must endure a trial; their convictions put to the test."

"Deception, treachery, and corruption lurk closely behind, poised to pounce when the opportunity arises."

"There comes a time when our character is forged by the causes we defend..."

"That moment is now."

"Be vigilant. Trust nobody."

"And so it begins."

This harem visual novel weaves an action-packed thriller narrative centered on you, the main character whose name you select, as you find yourself ensnared in a devious scheme that upends your life. As a player, you can choose to forge a connection with a single romantic prospect, embrace entanglements with multiple, or opt to avoid romance entirely (though you might miss out on the excitement).

The Arson Betrayal Game

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.5)
Act 2 Chapter 2 v0.7.5

A visual rework of Act I – Chapter II, along with a few bug fixes and dialogue changes.
Added a small choice in the Prologue that may or may not be too noticeable.
A major installation change for Android players. More info available below.
This update already includes the 0.7.2 bug fix.
Rating: 7.4/10
80 votes
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