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The Agency [Android]

Ep. 2 v1.0.2 Final
A young man embarks on a quest to realize his aspirations while navigating the complexities of his stepfamily's issues. This narrative centers around the establishment of a modeling agency teeming with alluring individuals. His stepfamily's dynamic also plays a pivotal role.

"The Agency" is an engaging, decision-driven visual novel adorned with explicit content. The game presents players with over 52 erotic encounters, brought to life through more than 5,500 images and 1,100 video clips.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ep. 2 v1.0.2 Final)
Game File Increase: From 2,800 to 5,600 files.
New Video and Image Files: 120 new video files and 2,580 new image files.
Expanded Storylines: Additional background stories for new stories and characters.
Voiced Narrator: Added to the Prologue section.
Brianna’s Love Endings: Newly included.
Extra Scene for Kelly: Now part of the game.
Text Volume: Increased to three times the original amount.
New Audio: 100 new music and sound files.
Menu Redesign: More aesthetic and minimized, showing all options including unselectable ones.
Script and Dialogue Overhaul: The entire script and dialogues have been rewritten.
Character-specific Theme Music: Added to enhance character experiences.
Extras and Halloween Section:
New phone system implemented.
Stacy Love Ending
Stacy Corruption Scenes
Felicia Scenes
Victoria Scenes/Endings
Vanessa Scenes/Endings
Hanna Scenes/Endings
Kendra Scenes
Rating: 8.3/10
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