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Tamara Exposed [Android]

v0.9.4 The Next Chapter
Tamara inadvertently revealed herself in the nude publicly, sparking a compulsive urge to repeat the act frequently. She and her companions derive great enjoyment from these escapades. To fully understand the narrative, it is advised to start with the installment titled "The Beginning."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.4 The Next Chapter)
77. Table delivery
Tamara gets a delivery and forgot something important…..
78. Lupe
Tamara is checking her Onlyfans account and get’s some interesting messages…..”
79. Nice view
Lupe is telling Tamara a story about a place with a nice view…
80. Lupe at night
Lupe has some fun at night…..
81. Lupe at the butcher
Lupe is picking up some stuff from the butcher and get’s caught by the policia…..
82. Lupe and Diego
Lupe shows Diego how brave she is…..
83. Food delivery
Tamara ordered some food but can’t pay…..
84. Drone
Tamara is trying her new drone…..
85. The flasher
Tamara meets someone with similar interests…..
86. Girls night
While Tamara has fun with her drone, Sarita and Tanja do something naughty…..
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