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Stuck At Home [Android]

How did you fare during the pandemic lockdown?

For our central character, the ordeal began with hardship.

Settling into a routine of remote work, his life was abruptly thrown into disarray when he found himself unemployed and grappling with soaring rent costs. With little choice, our protagonist swallowed his pride and returned to his family home. Although his family received him warmly, his feelings were far from contentment. It felt like a hard reset—a return to a past he thought he had outgrown. Faced with indefinite days of idleness, barred from venturing outside due to lockdown measures, and deprived of the means to contribute or earn, his situation was grim. The constant, uncomfortable run-ins with family members only added to his distress.

Distance and time apart might have played a role, or perhaps it was the sexual tension brewed by isolation, or it might have highlighted an underlying psychological issue, the cause was irrelevant. He found himself inappropriately drawn to his siblings and even his mother.

Could there be a chance that these taboo feelings were reciprocated? Was there a possibility that this quarantine experience might take an unexpected turn from its bleak beginnings?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.0A)

About 400~ lines of dialogue.
2 lengthy scenes with Mia and 2 new CGs to find.
Made sure that the game asks for confirmation when quitting from the pause menu. I wasn’t aware that that was missing.
Finally included the ability to rotate the screen on Android. Sorry that it took so long.
Adjusted the dish washing minigame to be more consistent across different hardware. Also made it a little easier on Android.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Rating: 7.8/10
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