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Strings Of Fate [Android]

EPISODE 2 v0.6.3
You are not the archetypal savior of this tale; there's no helpless captive to rescue, nor a mythical blade at your beck and call to vanquish hurdles in your path. After centuries in an ethereal state, since the demise of your corporeal form, you have finally gathered the fortitude to manifest anew. You descend upon a realm utterly unprepared for your presence. Reclaim what you have forfeited. Though diminished in power, none can match your proficiency in guile and trickery. Reduce empires to cinders and desolation, set ablaze and lay waste to all in your path, for domination is the very essence of your will.

Manipulate those you can to advance your endeavors, and upon their utility's expiration, decide their outcome—termination or mercy? Unite the malevolence that skulks above and in the shadowy depths below—although some may defy you, assert your supremacy, incite conflict, and revel in the inferno of the world.

They will either bow before you or you will seal their destiny.

Strings of Fate

Project QT
Changelog (EPISODE 2 v0.6.3)
v0.6.3 – Episode 2
Story and Content:
[*] Chapter II.
[*] Three new soundtracks.
[*] Some misc changes for few characters.
Rating: 6.6/10
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