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Sole Searching [Android]

You have been chosen by chance to immerse yourself in a fantastical foot fetish adventure. Delve into the ultimate foot-fetish-centric game, where divine beings shepherd you through various anime universes to indulge in your desires with a myriad of characters.

The latest update concludes with Hinata's training session.

The game features scenes from:

- My Hero Academia Storyline:
Nighttime encounters with Uraraka, Momo, Mina, and Jirou

- Home World:
Beach escapade with characters from Rent-a-Girlfriend (Mizuhara, Ruka, Mami)
Solo beach encounter with Mizuhara
Introduction to Gawr Gura

- Divine Realm:
Albedo – gateway to the realm of deities
Foot adoration scenes with Ristarte, Hestia, and Aqua

- Naruto Universe:
Introduction to Shizune
Anko's training sequence
Joint mission with Tenten, Temari, and Anko
Hinata's training episode
Ino's mountainous rendezvous

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Changelog (v0.1)
6/25 Bugfix:
– Mizuhara Beach Scene not showing
– Mami night footjob showing wrong images
6/26 Bugfix:
– Fixed Gawr Gura night scene not working
– Added text saying when you complete the storyline for a certain character/event
– Added Walkthrough on Patreon
6/27 Bugfix:
– Fixed an image of Mizuhara in the beach scene
6/30 Bugfix:
– Fixed ino scene showing incorrect image
– Fixed infinite loop that happens when you finish the mission scene and then talk to anko
8/3 Bugfix:
– Fixed bug where tsunade/shizune would show at mountainside
– Fixed bug where village gate would show incorrect location/image at night
– Android Version Added
– Combined Prequel and Sequel of the game into 1 full game.
Rating: 6.9/10
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