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Sins of the Father [Android]

The narrative centers on a young man called Mack who is grappling with reconciling his past and future following the tragic loss of his father in a home invasion.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8)
Added 2 more days to the game.
Added 1 new character: Laura, psycologist.
Added the ability to name the save files.
Added Replay gallery for the sex scenes: There may seem to be quite a lot, but bear in mind that due to quite a few variables on different paths will lead to viewing the same images, but with different text in some scenes. This is of course to service those who are not absolute completionists.
For the completionists, I wish you good times unlocking all 71 possibe sex scenes – and I might even have forgotten to include some, but I am fairly certain that someone will let me know if that is the case 😉
There are no side images in this version. I am considering getting rid of them entirely, but I am not sure what to put there instead – if anything.
Rating: 8.6/10
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