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Shattered [Android]

Presenting "Shattered," a sultry visual novel featuring detailed 2D graphics, inviting you into the life of Blake Blinn—an unfortunate soul who rose from the slums but sidestepped the life of crime. A twist of fate lands him in the unlikely role of a male maid (indeed, a maid) in the household of a wealthy family. Each choice you make influences how Blake navigates this peculiar turn of events.

At the heart of the story is the tyrannical and sadistic Melinda, your boss; her spirited and mischievous daughter, Rebecca; the authoritative business partner, Samuel; and the easygoing assistant, Liam. Plus, a host of other characters ensure that you're in for an eventful experience in the mansion, whether for better or worse.

Though Blake's journey of feminization is set in stone, the narrative allows you to dictate his intimate encounters and explore various kinks involving both genders. Should male on male content not appeal, fear not—there's an abundance of female dominance to delve into. Additionally, you'll find that the game entertains a variety of other optional fetishes such as BDSM, pet play, netorare, and bimbofication, ensuring a rich and diverse gameplay experience.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.20)
It consists of 185k words in seven new scenes, 773 full renders, and 176 new sprites. I also partially remade the sixth act.
Rating: 7.7/10
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