Sex Rhythm: Onsen [Android] Download

Sex Rhythm: Onsen [Android]

Three colleagues have arrived at your remote hotel, seeking a restful vacation in light of their evident exhaustion. As part of the hospitality team, it is your responsibility to ensure they have an exceptional stay. To achieve this, your proficiency in massage techniques could be the key to winning over their appreciation and fondness for the level of care they receive.

Furthermore, your interactions should aim to captivate their hearts, as if you're playing a game where you're courting their trust and goodwill. For each successful interaction where you demonstrate your service skills, imagine gaining 'affection points.' With every completion of a service that delights them, you earn additional points.

Consider that for every increment of 10 affection points, you unlock a new level of customer satisfaction. Your goal is to reach the ultimate 'Freeroam Level,' which symbolizes the highest tier of client contentment and loyalty. This level is attained once you've amassed 140 affection points with any guest, indicating that they are thoroughly impressed and likely to return thanks to the unparalleled experience you've provided.

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