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Rising Bliss [Android]

"Rising Bliss" unfolds in the contemporary landscape of Japan, revolving around a young man's life in his senior year at Kaori Academy, just as unsettling occurrences start to emerge. With the nation grappling with a severe decline in birth rates, the Japanese government struggles to fund critical social services for the aged population, fulfill its military expenditures, or maintain other vital social infrastructure under the strain of the crisis. In an audacious move, Prime Minister Tachi concocts a potent love potion and commences its infusion into the public water systems. As an overpowering desire seizes the populace, people's inhibitions toward sexual interactions rapidly diminish, leading to a societal breakdown in moral restraints. With the public ensnared in rampant passion, the Minister seizes the opportunity to tighten his grip on authority, aspiring to erect an unshakeable sex dominion lasting a lifetime. However, the scheme derails when the modified water begins to fuel the outbreak of a novel contagion within Tokyo's sprawling metropolis – the BLISS VIRUS! The city is soon overrun by 'lust zombies,' leaving the protagonist and his schoolmates battling for survival as they attempt a perilous escape from the chaos-engulfed city.

Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.0)
The game is now complete.
Rating: 7.7/10
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