Narcosxxx Game Review

Narcosxxx is a 3D realistic adult game. It is not just any game, but an adult game with lots of erotic scenes. To play the game, you must be 18 years of age. Narcosxxx features three characters. All characters in the game were 18 years of age as at the time of shooting the photography.  The game is compulsorily meant for matured minds only. You have to be able to tolerate or enjoy lots of sexual scenes in this game. Although, the game was developed just for your pleasure. When people talk about adult games, Narcosxxx always tends to come up at one point or the other.



When you first log on to a page would pop up asking you to choose your favorite character. The characters include Pablo, Valeria, and Horatio. Narcosxxx is developed with the Unity engine.  So, you do not need a plugin to enjoy this game. Narcosxxx brings you all the action you want to see with the WebGL API. In a more simplified term, you would not need to download anything to play the game. To enjoy this game, log on to the webpage, and relax as your internet connection would do the rest.

When you have chosen your character, you would need to fill in other fields in other to have access to the game. Information like your name, email, postal code, password, the country is needed to verify your identity. You would also need to verify your age to play the game. To start the game, you need to fill in your credit/debit card details to have access to the free trial period. To start the game, it makes use of a standard WASD control setup. So, your left click is fire. Your right click is to kick the door. While key G is for the grenades. R stands for reloading, although it is not so compatible.

The Narcosxxx StorylineNarcosXXX adult mobile game

… And then the story begins. It all started with you in a fancy boat. Luckily for you, this beautifully curvy babe was bending over at your front. And her butt was pressed against your cock. Quite a scene to enjoy yourself if you ask me. But too sad to say, your luck was about to run out. Some military folk began to storm the compound. And what came next were two naked studs with their huge cork hanging out. Next thing, you are arrested with those two dudes and was taken behind bars.

Surprisingly, you got a gun, and then the action began. You have to break out of prison before it gets too late. This is the part of the game where you get to take full control of your character – before this time were all storylines. Find out if you got what it takes to be the man – Pablo Escobar. Do you think you can make it out alive? Find out as you play. The task might be quite tough, and harder than you might have first anticipated.


The Narcosxxx Graphics

When you start playing the game, you would almost feel as though you are living in the scene. The game is so realistic, and the 3D is quite perfect. The graphic is exceptional, and it gives you all the excitements you want from an adult 3D game. Be rest assure to derive maximum satisfaction from the game’s graphics. The way the characters move coupled with the controlling system makes the graphics even more realistic. And the movement of the characters is so human-like. Hardly does the frames of the game drop.

Bonuses and Tidbits

narcosxxx gameplay

Narcosxxx did an excellent job in combining gameplay with erotic rewards. When you get to the scene for fucking, all you need to do is to move the mouse right and left. The speed at which you move the mouse determines the speed of the sex or sucking the dick. Aiming your gun or grenade in the game is quite decent too. Your health bar has to be managed at some critical point so make wise choices.

Some issues you might encounter are like browser issues. Also, the game does not run on HTTP. Even when you are submitting your username or password, it still isn’t doesn’t run on HTTP. It’s also important to note that the game has to be played with two hands.  You are also limited to the number of grenades you can carry – maybe 2 or 3 grenades at a time.

For bonuses, you get two days of free access. You also get over 200 exclusive game niche. Narcosxxx comes with interactive elements and bonus access to over 1000 pornographic DVDs. After registering on Narcosxxx, you get access to several porn sites. You get access to sites like Premium Porn HD, and XXX HD Vault.


  • The game has a good gameplay
  • You get access to other porn sites when you register on Narcosxxx
  • It comes with hundreds of XXX games to enjoy
  • You get updated on a daily bases
  • You are also going to have access to over 1000 HD videos


  • You are going to get only two days of a free trial


In conclusion, Narcosxxx is a game you should consider playing. You would not only have a great time enjoying the game, but you would also have access to loads of fun items. The bonuses you get are also something interesting you should consider. When you consider the package well, you would realize it is worth it. Narcosxxx is nonetheless a fun game to play with a fascinating storyline. The erotic scenes of the games also make the game unique, trailing and satisfying. The babes in the game are also sexy and curvy. You definitely would get to find just your perfect babe in the game that would blow your mind. Although you must be 18 years and above before you can enjoy this game. Do not also forget that you have to have an account first before you can enjoy this game. So, register and get playing.

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