FAP CEO Game Review

Similar to other adult video-chat games like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin, the FAP CEO game is a leisure management game where you can grow into a business expert by developing your business prowess and skills. Simply put, your mission is to make a profit and grow your company by employing and managing female sex workers. FAP CEO Game is comparable to other management games, however, there is an obvious disparity between the FAP CEO Game and other business-empire building games. Your employees are sex workers. Yes, you read correctly. This game entails your employees to take off their clothes and display their bits, so, this game is rated 18+.

The developers of this thrilling game have also designed an advanced version of the game. On this improved game version, you can also discover virtual love while managing and growing your business. Are you finding how to stay in love? You should play this new mode and be sure to have bliss and enjoyment.

FAP CEO Review

Features of the FAP CEO Game

Delightful Anime-style graphics

Nutaku, a game developer from Japan, designed this cool and interesting game. The in-game graphics of the FAP CEO is grand and intense, the controls are basic and easy to understand. The FAP CEO Game is developed with popular anime graphics with the 2D format and its user-friendly interface will provide much excitement and enthusiasm, even as a first-time player. The hot girls employed in the game are developed to bring real-life appearance of hot girls into fantasy. They look outstandingly pretty and erotic that players will go all out to make sure they employ her or win her imaginary love.

FAP CEO Gameplay

The development of this captivating and interesting game is to hone your management skills in the entertainment industry. You get to hire many female employees with good looks and a hot appearance. Each of these employees always has a peculiar personality and charisma. You should ensure to employ those with the character and skills to improve your business. You can place your employees on varying levels depending on their performance and productivity. The levels mean they get to make more money that makes its way back to you, their manager.


Oftentimes, finding love, in reality, could be daunting and difficult for several reasons. An incredible feature of this game is that while you are managing your employees and expanding your business empire, you can flirt with some of them who are exceptionally hot and beautiful and who attract you. The FAP CEO Game allows you to text the girls directly or send them an email. This game gives you the setting to build and strengthen a virtual relationship, giving you the experience of how dating in real life is. This is because the personalities and traits of the hot girls in the game are in similitude with that of real girls, thus, this helps to build your confidence when you approach girls in reality. Notwithstanding, this should not distract you from the mission of the game, to build and expand your company. Success attracts people, right? Once you have a successful business, you can flirt with any girl you choose.



The narrative in this ecstatic game is to employ and manage your employees, hot and sexy girls, to have a stable and successful career as a sex worker. How successful and professionally employed sex workers determine the growth and expansion of your company. So, display your expertise as a business tycoon by employing and managing girls suitable for the role. Decorate your office with unique items to attract business associates. The girls will be eager to work diligently for the development of your company as long as you pay them well and timely. You can start a relationship with your employees that seem attractive to you. You can also collect the amazing features of your pretty employees.


  • Helps you develop management skills
  • Keeps you entertained and filled with fun and excitement
  • You can always shuffle your employees and hire a new set of fresh and hot girls.
  • Improves your understanding of the entertainment industry


  • The game is rated 18+ and may not be played by everyone
  • In the advanced mode, you have to remove some of the old girls you may have been acquainted with. This makes you lose any sort of bond you may have created with the girls.

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