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Project «Mnemosyne» [Android]

Your existence was a tapestry of routine — academia, soccer, visions of what's to come. Yet, an unexpected ring from the telephone upended everything. Your parents were on the line, pressing you to set off on an adventure. What nature does this voyage hold? Their insistence puzzles you—why this sudden push? Amidst the mystery swims a glimmer of solace: your endearing (and occasionally impudent) ally who pledges to stand by you through thick and thin. Are you poised to unravel the secrets that lie ahead and discern the reasons for your parents' compelling directive?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.14.2)
Added the option to disable mini-games:
The feature is available in the game settings.
You don’t need to start a new game.
You can revert to the default settings at any time.
Note: For those who don’t start a new game, you can activate this setting only after loading the desired save
Rating: 6.8/10
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