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Powers That Be [Android]

Ch. 21-Growing
What happens when a young girl has the power to sway your feelings—would you dare to resist her influence?

A prosperous man in his middle years takes a pause from his career to care for his timid goddaughter, who unexpectedly begins to manifest empathic abilities that can sway others' emotions. As they bond and delve into a murky incident from their shared history, the narrative detonates with a concoction of drama, concealed truths, and electrifying disclosures. This complex tapestry weaves in a desperate boss locked in matrimony, a voluptuous former spouse, an athletic stepdaughter, and an enigmatic foreign exchange student.

This immersive, gradually intensifying game spotlights meticulously crafted content of distinction. It interweaves sci-fi and philosophical threads within a tapestry grounded in the ordinary world.

Project QT
Changelog (CHAPTER 20 v0.6.0)
Chapter 20 – Learning

Chapter 20 added.
Tweaked character models of Valerie and Bryan.
Re-rendered a couple of previous chapters’ images.
Changed some lines of earlier dialogue.
Rating: 7.6/10
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