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PHOENIX [Android]

The tale of Phoenixes unfolds in a realm where the arcane and the technological intertwine seamlessly, a realm that celebrates the existence of superheroes. Amidst this realm, you find yourself, a traveler balancing on the edge of light and darkness, inadvertently ensnared in the intensifying conflict between champions of justice and nefarious evildoers. As the metropolis crumbles and righteousness finds itself tainted, the mantle of duty beckons to you, compelling you to act and...

Hold on, doesn't that sound a tad tedious? Why not take a breather and savor the luxuries of this urban fantasy landscape instead? Picture yourself surrounded by a bevy of fierce and attractive individuals drawn from both sides of the hero-villain spectrum, forming an irresistible harem. That way, you're smoothing over the animosity without even throwing a punch, right?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.0.1)
* We eventually decided not to include the scripts in the PC version of the game. Because doing so will significantly slow down the unzip speed.
– Greatly improved the hints in the Story Progress screen
The previous hints were not clear enough, sometimes they basically forced you to guess if a requirement of a plot was achieved or not, which must be annoying. We are very sorry about the trouble it has caused.
But it will no longer be a problem in v8, we’ve redesigned the screen and reworked the whole system. Now the hints should be much clearer.
– Implemented a HUGE number of animation effects and sound effects.
It’s hard to describe here, you will know what I’m talking about as soon as you enter the game.
I’m not sure if all the new animation effects will work perfectly on low-end phones, please let me know if you experience any frame-dropping issues during animations.
– Improved the game’s loading speed.
For some reason this improvement didn’t go as significant as we thought. Right now the speed of loading the main menu on mid-to-low-end phones should be 10-20% faster, and 30-50% faster on high-end phones in theory.
The speed of loading the gallery will be a lot faster on all devices, in theory.
– Small stuff:
– You can now adjust the textbox transparency and the text speed
– Implemented ‘slapping’ sound effect
– New icon for the Support Missions
– Improved the look of the event bubbles
The Story part:
– New girl: Fuying
Fuying is a mysterious time mage who had her first appearance in VIRTUES. She was also literally the first girl you saw in PHOENIXES.
Like most girls in the game, Fuying also comes with a pretty complex backstory, no, in fact she has THE MOST complex backstory. Creating her was a challenge, an attempt to step out of our comfort zone. I’m not sure if everyone will like this girl and her plots in this update, but I promise she’s going to have a very very romantic storyline.
– New interrogation target: Alnilam
The story of v8 continues to focus on Alnilam. This evil queen didn’t seem to change much after your last night with her on her island. Every crime she committed was still built upon extreme selfishness without concerning anything or any others. But this time, her goal was not to torture you, but to be tortured by you… …
– New club level & New functional room in the club
You can now raise club level to 4 and unlock the massage room. Our new girl Fuying will be the masseur.
– Alnilam, Heather, Cassy, and Fuying will have new personal plots.
Rating: 9/10
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