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Persona H: The Midnight Channel [Android]

v0.2.12 Remake
Step into The Midnight Channel, a realm where your deepest cravings have the power to manifest. As you were isolated in your sanctuary, the moment midnight tolled, an otherworldly force pulled you through the television screen, transporting you into the heart of The Midnight Channel. Here, restless Shadows roam with insatiable appetites for amusement. But fear not, for with Teddy by your side, you are tasked with the thrilling challenge of keeping these enigmatic creatures captivated.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.12 Remake)
* Fixed a random bug where if you obtained a alrge sum of money it took forever to increase your wallet
* Fixed a bug where Daidara’s door wasn’t triggering any Dialog
* Removed Herobrine
* Added Sans
* Fixed an issue where Maya’s sprite wasn’t reflecting the clothing laid out for her.
* Fixed bug asking for First name twice instead of last name
* Fixed Sae door issue
* Fixed Treadmill being given to ALL players
* Fixed color issue on sell items
* Fixed up Daidara text a bit when switching refine and craft
* Balanced the Mineshaft better, Makes progression feel better
* Create Gardening Skill
* Create Page Numbers for the girls sections
* Created Massage Skill
* Removed Cleanliness Skill as the mechanics changed.
* Added in some text to focus players on interaction with Characters
* Fixed some button locations
* Can click on items to use them
* Food can be used to eat, Soap can be used to clean yourself
* Indicated Items that can be clicked using a different color
* Change up gifts like/loves/hates
** Include all new items in this.
(Selfie Unlocks)
* Created Chie Selfie Unlock Artwork
* Created Yukiko Selfie Unlock Artwork
* Created Futaba Selfie Unlock Artwork
( Hot Springs )
* Added functionality to the hot springs
* Now you can use them to replenish your energy
* They are now available all day instead of only at night.
(Time and Date)
* Add in a date out of 10? maybe 15? maybe 31 holidays oin the 31st of each month
* Add in a Season instead of Month
* this allows for some things to happen on certain days.
* Holidays but also events and triggers that should happen at certain times
* This also allows for growing crops to be taken into consideration of the season
* Added in global variables and saves/loads for Cheats to function within the game.
* Completed Artwork for all of Ann’s emotions
* Work on Ann finding a room at the Amagi Inn.
* Allowed for massage to ann
* You can find ann in her room at the Amagi Inn
(Secret Room)
* Added in little bios of all the features to be available in the room over time.
* Password to the “Secret Room” in the Amagi Inn Hallway has been changed to ________
* ChangedPassword for the Secret Room at the Amagi Inn. PATRONS ONLY
* Posted Password on the Patreon to give back to the backers.
* Give player an unlocked photo for getting to that room! Yukiko and Chie
* Give second photo of Naoto
(Girls Tab)
* Turn girls tab code into script
* ensure all girls can be clicked to see mroe information
* update girls section so that it says if they can advance or not yet in storyline
(Tatsumi Textiles)
* Added in a dialog scene with Chie and Yukiko and Kanji
* Added in a dialog scene with Ann
* Created PowerUnit to Purcahse from the electronnic shop
* Now computer can be turned on and the Gallery and Cheats mode are avaialble
* Computer opens up more storyline development.
* Each time Level 7 is completed on the treadmill, you get $50
* Created scnee with Yosuke and Haru going over the new Gardening Cetner.
* Added Ingots to the list of sellable items
* Added produce to the list of sellable items
* Added some new sound effects to bus
* Startup Effect
* Made Bus cost $2 to Train Station
* Balanced the ore delivery from the mineshaft better
* Mine closes in the winter now, will need somewhere else to make money.
* Changed Secret Door text
* Changed Recipe for Refiing to X5 of the raw ore
( Bunker Light )
** By using the treadmill, a light starts to emit on the top of the bunker
** Getting the light as birght as it will go unlocks a secret.
* Complete Haru Sprite
* Complete Haru Emotions
* Haru lives at Junes with Yosuke
* Haru can be visited in the gardening center
* You can purchase a gardening plot from her for $100
* After that you can purchase seeds from her to plant either Potatoes or Turnips
* Each will take a few days to grow and need to be watered each day
* Once they grow, you can sell them for money or give them away as gifts!
* Allow player to grow up and sell produce
* Creaete up to 8 plots to purchase from her
* Create Sprite for seedlings
* Make plants slightly ‘wiggle’ back and forth to simualte a garden
* Allow gardening skill to level up
* Open up more garden plots by levelling up
** Added ability to have affections raised for more girls now
** Increased chance for wealth and number gained
** Increased curse and number of money lost
* Sae can be Available to Interact With at the amagi inn
( Yukiko )
* Yukiko hires you on to work at the amagi inn
* You can learn a new Massage technique from her
* You learnt eh MAssage Skill by helping out Yukiko.
** Add in Massage Skill and become a masseuse at the Amagi Inn
* Added Futaba variables intothe coding of the game
* Add futaba to the girls section of the game.
* Futaba joins the storyline after you discover a Hacker trying to obtain information from the PC
* Created a new purchase for the bunker through Teddie
* Allows players to have Futaba move in with them.
* Hacking Minigame, leaern hacking skill
** will play like PacMan sort of, mixed with Like a Dragon can collecting
** Map drawn out, map markers are Yu’s face and hacker faces
** Must collect the blips wathc out for the hackers
* Talking with her, you are able to start a friendship with her as she hacks into the PCs around Inaba
* Get Futaba to rank Buddy
* Unlock selfie from futuaba at rank 3
* Gifts for Futaba
* Change clothig for futaba
* Added alts and bunnatale
* Rank 3 chat
* Rank 3 Hack
* Rank 3 Unlock Secret Photo Of Ann (By Hacking)
* Unlock Chie selfie at rank 5
* Allow for advancing relationship with saki up to Buddy (Need endurance to be increased by at least 1)
* Unlock Saki Photo of BJ
* Discover photo on ground of Hitomi.
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