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Our Home [Android]

Welcome to "Our Home," an engaging adult visual novel set in the picturesque town of Pinepool—a community that thrives on its bustling tourist scene and the operations of two major transportation companies.

In "Our Home," you will take on the role of a young man whose life has been confined to an orphanage, with no knowledge of his true origins. Told only that his mother passed away during childbirth, he possesses no concrete evidence to confirm this. His father disappeared before his birth, leaving him with lingering questions about his lineage and history. As he transitions from the orphanage into adulthood, he embarks on a quest for answers, facing a series of challenges that test his resolve.

Delve into a captivating narrative filled with mystery, adventure, humor, and romance as you explore the depth of this visual novel. Surrounded by an array of stunning and intriguing women, your choices will be crucial in uncovering the reality of your heritage. You will confront challenges that demand your focus and navigate through potential pitfalls that could complicate your journey. Can you uncover the truth about your mother and your past, or will entanglements with the women you meet divert your path? Join the adventure and immerse yourself in the thrill and entertainment "Our Home" provides.

Discover your story in the "Our Home" .

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Changelog (v2.12.1)

Some users have encountered difficulties with the ‘news’ feature. This feature has been temporarily removed from the game as it requires enhancements to cater to players who do not have internet access or use Android devices.
The game previously had an issue where character information couldn’t be accessed at a certain point. This issue has been identified and resolved.
Following the heist, some players experienced an error screen, which has also been addressed.
Rating: 7.5/10
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