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My Time with You [Android]

Book 2 Ch.22
The flame of a past romance has reignited after a lengthy separation, reigniting your aspirations of union with a long-lost love. However, your life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious woman, purporting to be your spouse from the days yet to come, arrives to protect you from an impending, unspecified calamity. With her at your side, you are tasked with altering the course of your future— for better or for worse—through the critical decisions you face. As you navigate this journey, you will encounter a variety of unique personalities, each with their own influence on your evolving narrative. Through the choices you make, you will impact their lives as they shape yours. The goal is to steer through these interactions thoughtfully, avoiding recklessness, particularly concerning romantic entanglements— with one definite exception.

Project QT
Changelog (Book 2 Ch.22)
A few changes between this and the previous version:
-Added gallery.
-Added a screen at the end with Miho to redirect users to our pages.
-Added Manic_umbra to the wall of fame. Thank you.
-A few edits here and there on the dialogue
That’s about it, there’s not much to address in this post towards the exclusive supporters since I just did that a couple of days ago.
About this chapter: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I hate working with skirts. The rest of the summary of what is in the chapter can be viewed below in the Chapter Update Section.
Technical Updates
-Added a rename feature on the settings menu, this is mostly added for users whose in-game name in MTWY gets turned into none.
-Removed the Franklin Gothic Font from the fonts used in MTWY and added the Din Font.
-Added a new Akemi main menu slide as per poll suggestion.
Chapter Update
Around 1560 Renders and 31 animations
5k+ lines of cod
Rating: 9.8/10
54 votes
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