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Lust Doll Plus [Android]

"Lust Doll Plus unfolds in a world ravaged by apocalypse, blending semi-modern and futuristic elements. You begin this journey devoid of everything, including clothing, in an inhospitable and dangerous environment, striving to forge a niche for yourself. While the game features a central narrative, the real charm lies in its expansive open-world design that prioritizes exploration and playful engagement.

The game strongly focuses on customization of the player's avatar, with particular attention to physical appearance and gender identity. You have the initial freedom to define your character's identity, but be aware that your choices and interactions can lead to physical transformations throughout the game.

Moreover, Lust Doll Plus offers content-control mechanisms, allowing you to tailor your in-game experiences. Preferences regarding sexual encounters with characters of specific genders or opting out of certain fetishes are all adjustable, ensuring the content aligns with your comfort level."

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