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Love or Power [Android]

In an era where the world appeared serene, a time of contentment was overshadowed by humanity's perpetual quest for greater dominance. This relentless pursuit bore the creation of "Eldons," warriors of engineered genetics, devoid of emotional inclinations yet endowed with advanced combat proficiency. These emotionless soldiers procured a multitude of triumphs for the nation they served, a testament to their formidable prowess.

However, the might of the Eldons did not go unnoticed, and with an acute self-awareness of their strength, a yearning for autonomy stirred within them. Resolute in their desire for independence, the Eldons instigated an uprising. Tragically, this defiance was met with formidable reprisal, and a massive onslaught ensued.

In the wake of this ferocious confrontation, the Eldons faced tragic decimation, with only a handful—barely a dozen—succeeding in their flight from certain demise. Their current whereabouts remain shrouded in mystery, and despite their diminished numbers, the tale of these formidable warriors continues to evoke a sense of trepidation.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.3)
The story continues. (Update 0.2.3 is not chapter 3.)
Changes to characters (There will be more major character changes in the next update)
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