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Life On Mars [Android]

CHAPTER 1 v0.4
By the late 24th century, humanity had successfully terraformed Venus and Mars. However, within several decades, conflict erupted as the colonists sought independence, leading to a war that concluded mid-25th century with a treaty dissolving the Solar Federation and affirming Earth's sovereignty. As the 26th century dawns on Earth, which coincides with the first century of Mars' new calendar, Martians are striving to forge an identity apart from Earth.

Our story unfolds with the journey of a senator's aide, whose employer is vying for the position of Chancellor, advocating to abolish the legality of polygamy and polyandry. The narrative hinges on the aide's stance on these issues, with his choices steering the unfolding saga in "Life on Mars."

"Life on Mars" offers a complex narrative matrix beyond just six storylines; this walkthrough simplifies it by highlighting six possible paths:

- Gentleman: The main character (MC) is courteous and chivalrous.
- Domination: The MC is authoritative and dominant, which, paradoxically, attracts the affections of women.
- Sadist: The MC is sadistic, involving women in shared encounters.
- Sharing & Swinging: The MC engages in an open relationship lifestyle, sharing partners with others.
- Cuck: The MC fulfills a cuckoldry role.
- Masochist: The MC derives pleasure from masochism.

The richness of the "Life on Mars" experience lies within the intersection of these paths and the consequential web they weave.

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