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Life in Alphaville [Android]

Halloween Special
"Life in Alphaville" unfolds as a graphic story narrative centered around a young boy without a mother. Forced to relocate to a suburban area of the city with his father and newly acquired stepmother, he finds himself adapting to new family dynamics. Along with his stepmother comes a girl of similar age, who, as time passes, becomes a friend to him. A continuation of his past, his childhood friend Ryan, makes occasional visits, maintaining their connection. However, it's Alexis, the girl with the fiery red hair living next door, who truly captures his interest. Her captivating secrets and longings draw the boy in as he observes her from across their facing bedroom windows. As he gets entangled in the enigma that is Alexis, he concurrently navigates the everyday life of settling in with his changed family environment.

Project QT
Changelog (Halloween Special)
Halloween — Life in Alphaville is an alternative game to the main game, where your objective is to solve five puzzles, each in three difficulties, where your objective is to collect all the Halloween photos and prove your worth. It’s a short game and can be completed in an hour or two. However, completely focused on the Halloween festivities. That said, will you be left out of this adventure? You decide, trick or treat?!
I won’t make the game available for Android yet, because apparently I’ll need to adjust two minigames to make it work on cell phones.
– Resolved the frozen image bug after truth or dare, which made it impossible for gameplay to continue.
– Code change, now all videos will be skippable, which makes the game more fluid.
– An introduction to how the map works, where there are events, work, etc.
– The problem with the shopping mall stores has been resolved, we had to remove them for now due to crashes.
– Resolved the percentage bug, where Renpy does not allow us to display the “%” symbol in a dialog.
Rating: 5.2/10
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