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Let The Nightshine In [Android]

CHAPTER 2 v0.13
"Let The Nightshine In" is a visual novel crafted with 3D renderings. Within this interactive story, your choices carve the path to various fates—romance, treachery, or the pursuit of life's sensual delights.

Step into the shoes of a young man whose heart belongs to Ariana, the beacon of his affection. However, tranquility is short-lived when he dreams of Ariana entangled with another, details blurred and unclear. How did the vision make you feel? Will this dream spell the end for your most cherished relationship? Or will you stay the course with Ariana, exploring an array of earthly delights? The direction of the story rests in your grip.

Discover more in the "Let The Nightshine In" .

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Changelog (CHAPTER 2 v0.13)
Chapter 2 v0.13
Vanilla route updated
5 scenes added
NTR/Sharing route updated
3 scenes added
2 new animations added
2 new sex scenes added
Blackmail route updated
3 scenes added
3 new sex scenes added
3 new animations added
Rating: 5.2/10
329 votes
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