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Left Hand Magic [Android]

Build 12
As a skilled Battlemage, you find yourself grappling with the challenge of securing employment suitable for your magical expertise in a post-industrial (Magitek/Magic Punk) society that has diminished the need for combat-oriented spells. The cautionary advice you received now echoes with truth; your parents, companions, and even your academic mentors had all remarked on how the once-venerated practice of Battle Magic had become obsolete. The once-feared beasts have either perished or evolved into cultured entities. The era of dungeon delving is over, with every hidden chamber already unearthed, stripped of treasures, and laid to waste. Modern warfare, too, has pivoted away from the raw might of spellcasters, favoring instead the mechanical prowess of magitek war machines and the ingenious creations of artificers and enchanters.

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Changelog (Build 12)
Build 12
– Trix’s Week 5 content now covers all weekdays, with two new scenes having been added.
– The Revina/Trix Route now extends through all of Week 5 as well, accounting for 5 new scenes.
– Credits Updated
– Gallery Updated
– Old Bugs and Typos Fixed
Rating: 8.2/10
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