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Last Human [Android]

Destined for the interstellar vessel Aurora, which hovers in space around your forsaken planet, you encounter two Nekos who inadvertently navigated an experimental wormhole to accompany you.

Earth has transformed into an inhospitable and harshly frigid wasteland, devoid of human life. Your survival is owed to your father, a visionary scientist and inventor who not only engineered the haven you call home but also set you on the journey to escape the planet and board the Aurora. Awaiting you is a cosmos brimming with exploration, peril, and untouched worlds. Your initial task is to return these Nekos to their home on Pantheria. However, upon arrival, you are thrust into a conflict with an all-too-familiar and formidable Neko adversary.

Last Human is a narrative I began penning several years ago. I initiated this venture previously with another developer, Nope, but it didn't progress. Assuming full control, I discarded our prior work and started anew. The concept is straightforward—a blend of science fiction and fantasy featuring Nekos, offering a combination of spicy scenes, humor, romance, drama, and excitement. This endeavor extends beyond a mere adult game; it's an episodic saga replete with intimate encounters. The narrative's romantic entanglements form not only a 'harem' but also the crew of the Aurora, promising an experience akin to an adult version of "Star Trek."

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Changelog (v0.6a)
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