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Klk: RyûKo’S Rumble [Android]

"KLK: Ryûko’s Rumble" is a visual novel that presents an unofficial continuation of the "Kill la Kill" narrative. This fan-made game mixes established characters with new creations in a narrative centered around yuri/lesbian themes and competitive sexfight/wrestling scenarios.

Step into the shoes of Ryuko Matoi, the lead character from "Kill La Kill," as you delve into the complex web of the Honnoji Academy tournament, uncover secrets related to your sister, challenge formidable adversaries, and potentially gather a group of female love interests.

The game's narrative branches into two primary directions, providing players with the chance to shape their own journey through a series of impactful decisions.

Prior knowledge of the original anime is not required to enjoy this game, making it approachable for newcomers to the series. Be aware, though, that playing the game may reveal significant plot elements from the source material.

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