Kidnapped By The Mistress [Android] Download

Kidnapped By The Mistress [Android]

Are you intrigued by assertive women? Immerse yourself in "Kidnapped by the Mistress," where you'll discover a lineage of commanding Mistresses, each harboring unique proclivities. Prepare for an adventure in female domination, but be wary of what you desire!

You find yourself, along with your stepsister, abducted by an enigmatic yet charming girl with a penchant for sadism – Mary. Raised in a family where abduction is commonplace, this is her inaugural foray into taking hostages, prompting her to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Mary has designs for you and your stepsister to become her submissive pets, and resistance seems futile. However, you're presented with a series of choices that can influence her immediate decisions or enable you to gather points in various attributes such as servitude, defiance, masculinity, or affection, all of which will shape the narrative's trajectory.

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