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Katia And Dungeon Quest! [Android]

Welcome to a realm where the edge of a sword glints with enchantment, where the mystic woods are home to both elves and orcs, coexisting alongside humankind and stout-hearted dwarves. In this land, divine beings bestow their benedictions upon the faithful, and valiant Champions engage in epic battles against swarms of fiendish creatures and nefarious Demon Lords!

Yet, the tale I'm about to unfold is a touch out of the ordinary.

Allow me to introduce you to Katia, a humble farm girl. By a twist of destiny and the strength of her own spirit, she has been thrust into a tumultuous saga brimming with unbelievable encounters!

A whirlwind of pursuits and confrontations awaits, testing the bonds of friendship, weaving through the tapestry of pain and affection. All of these sensations and experiences await our brave young farm girl—and she may well dive headlong into them to protect those cherished in her heart.

So, prepare to delve deeply into the thrilling escapades of Katia!

Embark on the journey!

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8)
● New location: Fort Braveheart.
● Adventurers Guild
● More than 15 new characters (both in stats and quests)
● 6 new quests
● Attribute highlighting during their active phase.
● Extensive redesign of the Spirit Abode
● New location: Edge of the Mind.
● Additional attribute or stats point when visiting the Spirit Abode for the first time.
● Increased some stats when improving attributes
● Fixed a bug with level ups.
● Fatigue system
● New music
● A large amount of new text (text not yet fully edited)
● Two new sex scenes.
● 40 new images (only half of them are active)
● Some dialog and events start to change from previous decisions.
(at the very beginning)
● Fixed a bug that caused Katya to be captured by goblins in some locations without being bound.
● New enemy (which will explain that you were pitied before ;D )
Don’t be afraid, he won’t kill you, he’s not even “bad”.
● New tag: Mind Control
● New character and plant sprites
● Changed getting experience in some places,
Fixed a bug where experience was not being gained (example: “Troll Woman” event – Arrow).
● Blessings
● Minor and major fixes.
Rating: 5.8/10
256 votes
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