It Could Be Worse! [Android] Download

It Could Be Worse! [Android]

Things might be looking up!

Always wager with caution,

Dive into a steamy tale that gets quickly to the heart of the matter... if you navigate wisely! Overconfidence counts for naught, as fortunes swiftly change. Nor should you challenge the devil, for he's notorious for foul play. And crucially, never stake what you might rue! Yet, that's precisely the mistake made by Natasha's betrothed. Now she must steer clear of trouble. But confronted with such an alluring villain, will she truly wish to resist?

Annually, the bestseller at Alset Inc. earns a lavish fortnight at a posh retreat, and this year Fabio Cuckingham was confident he'd claim the grand prize to the Keys! And not without merit: a month before the year's close and the company's holiday break, he was leading by a whopping $300,000, a sales target unprecedented in a mere four weeks.

His sweet retribution nearly within grasp, Fabio reminisces about the previous year's narrow loss to Thomas, but now he's undeniably ahead.

Thomas is his peer, Thomas Hamilton, a gifted interior designer, whose prowess equals his own. He's also the progeny of Senator Hamilton, which, in Fabio's view, provides him an unfair edge through paternal influence. This suspicion fuels Fabio's jibes...

Thomas, renowned for his striking looks as much as his talent, effortlessly captivates his female clientele, desiring nothing of the romantic turmoil of being recently jilted by his partner.

Against this backdrop, with Fabio prematurely basking in triumph, a stunning $362k deal, initially rejected, serendipitously lands in Thomas's lap, catapulting him past Fabio at the eleventh hour!

Thomas, incensed and constantly on tenterhooks, resolves to humble the boastful Fabio. He proposes a high-stakes gamble involving Natasha, Fabio's longtime partner. The wager: a trip to the Keys and the company of either Fabio or... Thomas.

Blinded by pride and unwilling to concede, Fabio accepts the gamble!

Step into Natasha's shoes, and enter the fray of this narrative at the customary office get-together, just a week before the holidays commence...

What are your thoughts on that?

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Project QT
Changelog (v2.4.2)
Matt is an adventurous guy who enjoys life as much as he can. Nat is attracted to this handsome man who looks so little like her. He gives her a taste for the unseemly, the forbidden and even the dangerous. And all in good fun! Nat agrees to go on an afternoon date with him at the lifeguard station “to find out more about the job”. But what’s really going to happen between him and her behind closed doors?
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