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Hypnosis [Android]

When you agree to move in with your best friend and his family, there's just one rule: keep away from his attractive younger sister, Leah.

However, you soon discover that your pocket watch has the eerie ability to hypnotize Leah and her friends, instigating transformations in them. As you grow closer to the girls, assisting them in becoming the best versions of themselves, the line between benevolence and self-indulgence begins to blur.

Despite starting out with noble intentions, the lure of using your newfound powers for personal gain becomes increasingly enticing as the narrative progresses.

This game allows you to become entangled with five different girls, each with intersecting romantic arcs, all while offering the chance to cultivate new relationships.

"Hypnosis" challenges you to choose between a light or dark path, with each choice paving the way to a variety of outcomes.

Hypnosis Game

Project QT
Changelog (v1.2A)
It’s harder to tell this time with the content spread out across multiple paths, so here’s the numbers!
This update added over 6,000 lines of code, 350 images and 20 animations.
It completes the Broken Watch Branch by finishing the third epilogue and adding the second one. The first one was the early ending where the girls learn to exercise to keep themselves in shape.
Rating: 8.4/10
405 votes
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