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Hermione And The Magic Of Love [Android]

This game draws inspiration from the Harry Potter books, yet it does not center on Harry Potter himself. Instead, it shines the spotlight on none other than Hermione. The same beloved Hermione, who has all too often been relegated to a supporting role, takes center stage in our creation. We aim to redress this oversight. Here, Hermione is the protagonist. You will delve into her inner world, her emotional journey, her apprehensions, and clandestine yearnings – elements the screen merely hinted at, but fans intuitively recognized. Embark on this adventure, and as you progress, Hermione's mysteries will unfurl before you. Wishing you the best of fortune on your quest.

Project QT
Changelog (v2024_1)
– 4 new events within Hermione’s story (2 of them are random). (The passage of all quests takes from 20 hours).
– 27 new imagesfor Hermione’s Photo Album (In total, now 827 pics + 12 videos + more than 100 portraits for dialogues + more than 100 backgrounds).
– FIX quest 90.
– Lots of different bugs.
Known bugs:
– The problem with the random quest “Blackmailers” has not been resolved.
– Companions in the group is not displayed on the battle screen (does not affect gameplay).
– When playing from old saves, there may be problems with the passage.
Rating: 5.5/10
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