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Harem Of The Princess [Android]

You fled from home, seeking an escape from an arranged marriage devoid of love, meant only to serve political purposes. Initiating a new life in an unfamiliar place, devoid of friends or acquaintances, presents its challenges. However, you believe that any hardship faced henceforth pales in comparison to being forced into a union with someone whose sanity you question—a union that surely seemed more perilous.

The prospect of a new beginning was enthralling, filled with the promise of adventure. The opportunity to forge new relationships and experience different pursuits was endlessly appealing, and the decision to depart came readily. Neglect by your infrequently present parents, combined with their indifference on the rare occasions they were around, made the choice all the more straightforward.

Isolated within the opulence of your home, your world was confined to the company of books—no companionship, no freedom. However, a seismic shift occurred when your kingdom, ruled by your parents, came under threat from an ambitious neighboring ruler. His frailty was overshadowed by his son's insatiable hunger for power.

This prince, a man of increasing years and endless desires, had his eyes set on your realm, and your parents saw only one desperate solution to avert his gaze—an offer of marriage to you. With the wedding imminent, you covertly moved your wealth to an international bank famed for its confidentiality.

Under cover of night, with the aid of loyal maids, the complicity of a foreign operative, and armed with the subterfuge gleaned from your beloved books, you executed your escape. False papers in hand, you secured a seat on a chartered flight at the eleventh hour. Your appearance transformed; you embarked on a journey to an unknown destination.

A day later, you find yourself alone, standing in a quaint regional airport in Vilbea, on the cusp of the unknown.

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