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From the Eclipse [Android]

Just as you and your fiancée are about to celebrate your engagement, you uncover the shocking truth – her family is implicated in a sinister scheme, and she's being bartered away to another man. With her fate seemingly sealed to become the unwilling concubine of a despicable noble, you are compelled to act. Our protagonist must rally support and devise a strategy to liberate her from this oppressive destiny. Yet, as you will soon discover, life seldom unfolds according to our desires or plans. Adherence to the law is mandatory for everyone, for deviating from its path could lead to you being ensnared in bondage yourself.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.2s)
• 6 New events.
• 1 Note from the dev, me!
• 280+ images for the events.
• NOTE: Fie will be added into Dahlia’s room in v0.3.3… I forgot to add her. Sorry.
Rating: 7.4/10
9 votes
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