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Foreseeable Family [Android]

After the passing of your mother, your existence underwent a profound transformation. Her final utterances left you perplexed, shrouded in mystery. Yet these words, coupled with the extraordinary abilities that emerged following her demise, merely marked the onset of a new chapter. Follow Stan on his quest to mend not only his own life but also his family's, as a race against time unfolds.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3)
Image render count 667
26 animations
31000+ words of dialog.
6250 lines of coding
A new power. A total of 3 so far. One new power will be opened up each update.
A new book for you to browse with all powers for you to read the lore.
2 hidden albums, kind of like a gallery of pictures to be found. Look through different paths to find them. If you don’t find them, you’ll have other chances later to. So no worries. These album pictures will expand the lore and story telling, so they aren’t just random pics. They are canon to the story.
Rating: 9.1/10
26 votes
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