Flowers [Android]

"Flowers" is a visual novel crafted with the Ren'py engine and is embellished with original hand-drawn graphics and character sprites.

The game prioritizes narrative and engaging conversations, while ensuring players frequently interact with key characters.

Superfluous content that doesn't progress the story is notably absent.


Embark on a journey as a young adult who has just entered the new phase of adulthood. In the preceding years, your attention was devoted to academics and career pursuits. But you have chosen to pause and unwind, indulging in a well-deserved vacation.

As you venture into the expansive life beyond your profession, you come to the realization that there is more to existence than just occupational endeavors. Your awareness shifts to different facets of life, particularly your connections with women. Through this new perspective, you learn that your prior acquaintances with women have the potential to deepen into more profound relationships.

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Project QT
Rating: 7/10
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