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Fatescrossed [Android]

Several years ago, a peculiar incident resulted in the loss of the protagonist's mother, leaving him facing a life on the streets. However, fate intervened through a enigmatic girl named Lilly, who, along with her best friend, offered him shelter in return for help, given her unique predicament of being bodiless and invisible to everyone but him.

The quest to uncover his mother's fate yielded only further disillusionment. This pattern of fruitless searching seemed destined to persist until a mysterious letter arrived, injecting new drive into the protagonist's life. Now, amidst the daily routines of school, he must unravel the enigmatic happenings of the past.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.1)
-The sandbox remains in place, but now there’s an option to play the game without it. The choice is made right after the prologue, and it’s irreversible.
-Indicators have been added to introduce players to the functions of the phone and PC.
-Instructions for free movement have been added.
-The game’s file size has been optimized.
-Fixed bugs and typos
Rating: 7.7/10
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