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Family Trouble [Android]

v0.7 BETA
Dive into an intriguing plot offering various narrative forks. Guide the destiny of the main character as they navigate a world filled with supernatural intrigue. Engross yourself in a genre-blending experience that intertwines romance, action, and mysterious elements. Experience a compelling story with characters that will linger in your memory.

Game Overview
"Family Trouble" transcends mere gameplay; it's an engaging adventure meticulously crafted by a developer with a newly found passion for gaming. This venture melds the captivating elements of popular titles such as 'Good Girl Gone Bad' with the wit and visual appeal of 'Solvalley School,' offering an innovative and enjoyable quest.

Champion Independent Game Creation! As an enthusiast stepping into the realm of game development, I am thrilled to present my debut project to you. Your encouragement is invaluable to me! Seize the opportunity to download "Family Trouble" today and set forth on a gaming experience that's sure to be memorable.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7 BETA)
v0.7 Beta
New girl added: Claire, an innocent, cute, and shy Christian girl with upright morals, ready to be corrupted.
Skills! Now, training and stats four times give you access to skills, which can be consulted on the stats screen: Combo, Grappling Master, Brute, Second Wind.
Pandora switched again for a more fitting mom to Keren and Kara, but fret not; the old Pandora will be used for Cass, a new character who will debut later on.
New sex scenes with Pandora, Hel, Anna, Nina, and Erika.
Fixed some grammar mistakes.
Fixed sprites size (maybe not everything).
Fixed Tina replay crashing the game.
Added a picture for Kara’s sweet lovemaking scene.
Added two controversial scenes, Masturbation and Femdom Pegging. Those are completely optional and for people trying to unlock all the replay scenes without watching them, there’s a way to do it.
Rating: 9/10
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