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Evermore [Android]

When you were just four years old, tragedy struck your life as your parents were tragically taken from you within the walls of your family home. The subsequent years seemed to weave a tapestry of sorrow, as every household that took you in was beset by unexplained misfortunes, resulting in the loss of its members. Whispers and rumors began to swirl around you, casting you as the "cursed child" in the community's eyes. However, the cycle of sadness was broken when you were taken in by Natalie, a compassionate single mother of three. With her, your existence transformed into one filled with happiness and joy; it was in her loving care that you truly found a place to call home.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.5.1)
-Added content to the new menu systems
-36 new images
-improved performance
-smoother animation loading on lower end hardware
-fixed bugs
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