Dungeon of Oblivion [Android] Download

Dungeon of Oblivion [Android]

Hisou Katagi is an extreme anime enthusiast, a quintessential example - one of those individuals. The type who dismisses my jokes about awkward adult-themed anime games, champions questionable content as though it's a sacred responsibility, right? The sort who views a character like Shinji Ikari as an exemplar. Indeed, that caliber of fan. Even amongst his fellow anime fans, he’s considered too extreme. His obsession crosses boundaries.

Additionally, Hisou has a problematic fixation on fictional characters that are much younger. On an alarming note, after completing his latest game featuring unsavory themes, he actually contemplated an egregious act with his younger sister, attempting to emulate his in-game scenarios. The line between reality and game fantasy becomes indistinct when someone delves too deep into this subculture.

By some stroke of fate, just as Hisou was about to execute his disturbing plan, he was unexpectedly hit by a truck. Such an occurrence seems almost too timely to be mere chance.

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