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Dream Hotel [Android]

v0.6.3 Patreon
"Dream Hotel is an engaging visual novel game where you step into the shoes of a man who has just been ousted from his home following a series of misfortunes. As you navigate through the game, your choices will actively influence the narrative, leading to positive or negative consequences. Which path will you choose? Will you succumb to the shadows of your history, or rise to become the gentleman that captivates the hearts of the charming ladies you'll meet?"

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.3 Patreon)
– 2 dates for Chichi
– Kiss option for Chichi (after completing her dates)
– Raven is now hireable for your Hotel
– 1 date for Raven
– Swimwear outfit for Raven
– You can now add and remove exhibitionist trait from your room
– 1 new ero story event
– 1 new shower event (uraraka)
– Added caress events for Ryuko’s swimwear outfit
– Several bug fixes
– 1 new main event
– nude apron shift for Ino, Kaoruko and Chichi
– added requested custom posters
– Raven can now be hired
– 2 new chats and 1 costume for Raven
– 1rst date with its event for Yamato (pass one day to implement it)
– You can now start a date without waiting for the girl to ask you out (!!! button)
Rating: 7.7/10
83 votes
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