Dominas Of The Forsaken Planet [Android] Download

Dominas Of The Forsaken Planet [Android]

In the game, you embody a regular guy experiencing a streak of bad luck in romance. Suddenly, your mundane existence takes a turn when a peculiar woman sporting elven ears approaches you. She claims to be a priestess serving Fialla, a goddess, and imparts that her deity has an intriguing offer for you. As it unfolds, you are revealed to be a distantly-related descendant of an ancient alien lineage that once revered this goddess.

The goddess Fialla entreats you to accompany her priestess on a journey to the desolate planet of Calypso 69, a world your forebearers once called home, to undertake a special task on her behalf. During this quest, you'll cross paths with an assortment of characters who've made this planet their abode for varied reasons, including Sylphie, a netrunner; Tananda, a mercenary; and Miwa, a renegade space pirate.

Furthermore, Fialla bestows upon you the magical Amulet of Changeability. This powerful artifact grants you the extraordinary ability to shapeshift into a woman, should you choose to use it.

The game predominantly features femdom (female domination) themes, catering to enthusiasts of this genre.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.5.5)

30 new animations
new map
event with Tananda
2 events with Sylphie
event with Zoe and two nexalians
event with Leah
event in casino
Rating: 6.9/10
64 votes
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