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Domina [Android]

A cadre of thirteen sinister Demonesses is gathering their forces, scheming to subjugate Earth for their dominion. As the Goddess of Light, Llavanya, has selected many before, you too have been chosen to thwart their nefarious ambitions. However, embroiled in a battle against entities whose essence is to dominate, resisting capitulation may be incredibly challenging.

This game, reminiscent of Dark Souls, is a femdom-themed RPG. Its structure consists of thirteen unique realms, each presided over by a Domina. These realms are interconnected through a central dreamworld that serves as a hub. Your mission: venture into each territory, vanquish the ruling Domina, and seize her mystical Seal to protect your world. The ultimate test is whether your willpower can withstand the temptation to yield to their control.

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Changelog (v9.9)

Added 2 multi-domme megascenes, accessible from each Domina if you are enslaved to her (look in her bedroom). If you are enslaved to the Twins, you can access both scenes on the same realm (one in each bedroom).
Added alternative Ass Worship scenes to Narcissa and Rosita’s Memory Crystals. Added alternative Toilet Slavery scene to Rosita in her Memory Crystal.
Added collectible lore books to be found in Katrina’s, Madeline’s and Narcissa’s realms. These books can only be collected before reaching Hora. Some are easy to miss.
Added collectible Forbidden Scriptures, one hidden in each Domina realm. Forbidden Scriptures are unreadable unless you have high enough Corruption. These books can only be collected before reaching Hora. Some are easy to miss.
Added a new category in your menu to access all the books you have found.
Trying to enter Katrina’s Keep after submitting to another Domina, while NOT having promised exclusivity to Katrina, will no longer erroneously block you with a message that you betrayed Katrina.
You can no longer enter Narcissa’s chambers after completing her quest, without being enslaved to her.
Raa will no longer level with you while she is your follower (lol).

Changes from Early Access:

Redesigned the title screen.
Game version is now visible on the title screen.
Game now has a proper .exe icon.
Packed all game files inside the .exe (except the save folder for easy save transferring).
Rebalanced Easy Mode: You get less absurd stat boosts upon drinking Katrina’s potion, but you now also get progressive stat boosts a) after breaking the Ember Seal, b) after breaking the Bloodrune Seal, c) after breaking the Midnight Seal. This should keep you strong throughout the playthrough, without making you overpowered at the very start.
Katrina’s toilet scene now works like all other toilet scenes, meaning you can choose piss or scat at will instead of being forced to do one after the other.
Added a further safeguard fix for Hora Lost not spawning fights in the Garden of Ages.
Increased game Cache Limit which should make shown pictures to appear faster when they are supposed to.
Rating: 7.8/10
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