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Deadlocked In Time [Android]

This tale unfolds with the narrative of a young boy whose zest for life fades away after his transition from a private to a public school, triggering a dramatic turn in his existence. From then on, he finds himself tormented by peers, his academic performance plummets to the extent of jeopardizing his future, and he frequently evades school. The reasons behind his transformation will be disclosed in the opening chapter.

His only source of camaraderie stems from a handful of friends and a girlfriend, who, akin to him, exhibit little regard for their education and echo his sentiments.

Then, as his circumstances begin to modestly amend, an inexplicable event transpires: time freezes, the sun halts its descent, and everlasting daylight ensues. Amidst this standstill, everyone else is rendered immobile, save for you.

Does this herald the onset of an era of profound isolation, or is there an instigator behind this phenomenon? Why are you exempt from this stasis? And most critically, are there others who retain their ability to move?

The course you choose to navigate is yours to determine, yet proceed with caution—every choice you make carries repercussions that will ultimately reshape your existence.

Acts of kindness are met with positive karma, while malicious deeds accrue negative karma. Be mindful of the karma you accumulate, for it will steer your destiny down varying paths.

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