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Crimson High [Android]

When Ren—or any name you choose for him—is tasked with solving a murder at Crimson High, he anticipates encountering some obstacles. Nonetheless, he is quickly drawn into the intricate web of the school's deeply buried secrets, realizing the complexity of the case exceeds his expectations. Surrounded by an eccentric ensemble, including a few charming young women, Ren's journey is just beginning.

Embark on an adventure with him as he strives to crack the murder mystery and explore his identity, all while trying to stay focused amidst the distraction of delightful female peers.

The game meticulously develops its character relationships. Early in the narrative, intimate moments are sparse, only becoming more frequent as the storyline unfolds and the connections among characters deepen.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.31.1)
– 14.500 words
– 259 images
– 2 new Space Hamsters
– extended in-game character list (in phone menu)
– minor bugfixes
Rating: 8.3/10
151 votes
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