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Corrupted Paradise [Android]

Explore the tantalizing depths of "Corrupted Paradise," a choice-driven adult visual novel that beckons you to a stunning yet salacious tropical island, following the release of "Training Lucie" (Lucie Adult Game). Embark on an adventurous narrative as both male and female protagonists, immersing yourself in an island utopia rich with excitement.

This game stands out for its lifelike, innovative, and intensely erotic content. Whether your interests lie in domination, voyeurism, corruption, romantic entanglements, or the exploration of adult toys, you're in for an indulgent experience.

Important advisories:
- Playing as both the male and female leads is crucial to the game's experience; opting to play exclusively as the male character is not possible.
- Acknowledge that certain female characters, who are not romantic options, may engage in sexual activity with others, integral to the game's voyeuristic elements.
- The game strictly avoids themes of NTR (netorare) and incest.

I am a solo developer committed to bringing my creative visions to life, just as I did with the completion and release of "Training Lucie" (Lucie Adult Game) in January 2023. For those who appreciate a blend of realism and compelling storytelling in gaming, consider showing your support on Patreon!

Why should you delve into "Corrupted Paradise"?
- Dual protagonists: Alternate between playing as a male and a female character, who are siblings with absolutely no sexual interaction.
- Dynamic sandbox: Each day is uniquely scripted, avoiding monotony in text or action.
- Player agency: Forge your own path through the game, making choices at your tempo.
- The brother (MC1) can pursue either a romantic or dominant path with multiple female partners.
- The sister (MC2) explores relationships with both genders, potentially forming her own diverse group of partners.
- Focused narrative: Concise writing paves the way for meticulously crafted erotic scenes.
- Collectibles: Earn achievements and items for personalizing your abode.
- Smooth gameplay: Enjoy hassle-free mechanics with options to revisit choices.
- Evolving erotic content: Gain progressively more intricate intimate scenes as a form of in-game reward.
- Fresh adult content: From the "wheel of sex" and public displays to consensual agreements and soft bondage, indulge in a variety of original erotic experiences.
- Multi-platform accessibility: Play on your PC, MAC, Linux, or Android device.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.1)
– Add Russian
– Lana gets closer to Alex.
– Lana (mc2) can do a blowjob at Pablo .
– Lana talk to Charles at night to begin ‘mission’ and do it. (Hot striptease !)
– Lana can talk to the bartender and Alex in the evening and do sex. (Threesome or Duo)
– Anthony (mc1) play with binocular and Alex (and better view on night)
– Anthony (mc1) play with Juliette on restaurant
– Redesign of the romantic path MC1 / Juliette (the text was incoherent).
– Maria’s education (if you choice corruption path)
– Sabrina, the escort, a mini game, I prefer on two complicated sexual choices, to get to know you better.
– Many corrections to the history of the previous version.
Rating: 6/10
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