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Chosen [Android]

v0.6.2 BETA
Selected by a demonic entity, it is your fate to fulfill desires within your gradually perishing realm...

Introducing Chosen – an interactive visual novel and sandbox game, featuring high-quality animated segments and an extensive range of choices.
Upon encountering an enchanting phenomenon, your life has been flipped on its head.
Rashly agreeing to a pact plunged you into a whirlpool of unexpected events, and now it's imperative for you to seize control of the unfolding situation.

Chosen is a complimentary game currently in development by a solo creator, with the occasional support of generous volunteers.

The game design is flexible to your preferences; if you're eager to dive into the central tantalizing content, you can do so without having to bypass heaps of dialogue. However, for those looking to delve deeper into the game's universe, supplementary lore, and conversations are readily available at your leisure.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.2 Beta)
Fixed a bug with Sadie appearing even after progressing her quest
Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the masked girl to appear
Fixed a bug with missing images in Jenny’s, Grace’s and Emma’s scenes
Rewrote a bunch of dialogue that didn’t make much sense
v0.6.1 Beta

Fixed a bug with Namaah that didn’t allow talking with her
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