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CataclyZm [Android]

The realm of Cataclyzm emerged from a mystifying cataclysm that fused two distinct realms into a singular, bewitched world. Its denizens are a mix of Humans and Beastfolk, the latter being anthropomorphic animals often referred to as 'Furry'. As players, you step into the shoes of Miles, a young orphan with heroic aspirations, who has been nurtured within the sanctuary of a village church by a curvaceous nun. A grand quest brimming with destiny unfolds before you in the expansive universe of Cataclyzm, inviting you to confront ferocious creatures, encounter alluring characters, and navigate daunting choices. Currently in development, the game relies on your support to enrich its narrative and maintain a steady flow of updates.

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Changelog (v0.24)
Hey everyone,
Amorous here with a new update. I hope you enjoy the game and consider supporting me on Patreon. Your support really helps keep this project alive. I’m currently very busy in my life and so I have so little time to spend on the game. But I hope you like the content I’ve provided for you.
Change Log:
– New Features:
– New Items:
– New Locations:
– Added Scenes:
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
Rating: 8.3/10
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