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Cabin By The Lake [Android]

During your youth, you and the girls you grew up with were thick as thieves, but as years rolled on, they drifted away, and the bonds once strong started to fray. Now, a reunion is on the horizon, offering a chance to rekindle old friendships and discover the ways each of you has evolved over time. Initially, reconnecting may prove challenging, but you soon find yourself revisiting the reunion, endowed with the ability to rewrite how events unfolded.

With this second chance, what direction will you take your relationships? What mysterious forces are altering the past? And why does the reunion keep replaying?

Step into a mature, interactive sandbox where you navigate through a web of possibilities and interactions with the girls at this gathering. As you cultivate a unique bond with each of the nine distinct women, they gradually shed their reservations, becoming more adventurous and entering a realm brimming with fantasy and exhilaration.

Highlights include:

- A dynamic world sculpted by your decisions
- Nine distinctive women, each offering diverse paths of progression
- An interactive environment where characters engage with one another beyond the player's direct actions
- Embedded guides to assist in exploring the multitude of choices at your disposal
- Absolute autonomy regarding the extent of adventurous content, ensuring nothing is ever out of reach or irretrievable
- Customizable preference settings, allowing you to bypass elements that aren't to your taste, rendering them virtually invisible
- Countless hours of engaging content... with more on the horizon
- An underlying enigma...

Explore the multifaceted dimensions of this narrative and determine the future that awaits.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.30D)
– A new memory with Carla where you can take her on a date
– If you have talked to Lin about her relationship with Alex, you can call her to your porn date in the forest
– There is a mail from this scene
– Carla progression guide
– You can ask Carla and Lin by the lake about your father
– When you stub your foot, you can ask Carla to kiss ‘it’ better
– When you arrive you can rather scandalously headpat C5 Haily
– When receiving the watch in the mail, you can attempt to hypnotise Carla
– When having tea with Carla at low corruption levels, you can find Carla’s Moonstone
– During Sunday night, if you have indulged in Carla and your corruption levels are high enough, Lin will want to have a talk with you
– If you get Carla Pregnant there is a mail
– Lin will have some things to say when you leave
– While showering with Carla, you can now wash lower
– While talking to Carla, she will now demonstrate things in a more hands on fashion
– When asking Carla about Alex’s breast goals, you can suggest Carla gets larger breasts
– There are two possible Mails from this, one if Carla loves you, another if Sami is also jealous
– Carla sneaking into your room to feed you now has a different intro if Lin has given her blessing
– Haily’s spy name now has a better guide
– Standardised display of blurbs under corruption levels
– Choosing Lin during Alex on breasts now also prompts knowledge of their strained relationship
– Carla no longer gives you the sex talk if someone is pregnant
– Added the progression guide for Jenny C2
– Haily sending you photos of her leaking is now an actual message
– Lina C4 progression is now no longer overridden by a failed event
– Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
– Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating
– Playing with Carla’s boobs in her room is now no longer in the shower
– Minor spelling fixes
– Added the missing nodes in Jenny’s progression events to the guide
– Can now do Carla breast expansion without Alex being pregnant
– Fixed an incorrect icon in Haily’s progression guide
– Fixed an infinite loop with Sami racing you on Monday morning
– Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
– Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating
Rating: 6.4/10
233 votes
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